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The Member List

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Progress so far?


I am working on the improvements of my project .


I think this is my completed pixel art entry!


I am doing good and I hope to publish my project in a day or two.


Just have to start working soon, but it would look good when finished.


Here is my project entered in the Trail Art category for the German team:

I hope that you like it!


Not really
I’m really busy
I hope to get some time to work soon.


Had to restart now my half way done.


Over half way done with my pixel art!


I have been finished for a while now, should I just turn it in now or wait for Work_kids_coding to get on.


@Dylan329 NOO! Show me the link first.


Oh wow you are on now, lol. Ok


Finished my pixel art for the USA team!


U.K. Trail Art
yea I know it’s bad lol deal with it I don’t have enough time


UK team pixel art.

You need to have automatic movement to HS for it to work.


Germany Game


Should I give people untill 4:30 GMT

  • Yes
  • No

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My Australian team entry thing:


That’s settled then! People have until 4:30


What team are you? Can you edit it into the post please?