Hoplympics 2017 Turn In/Announcement and FAQ Topic



This is the topic where the contestants turn their projects in to be judged. Also, Ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer them

Links to projects [Dont look]
Germany Pixel Art

Germany Trail Art

Germany Game

Germany Background

Germany Sin&Cos


Oops I didn’t start a project yet


Wait is there a certain theme we have to base our projects on
Or can we just make whatever we want o


Whatever you want!


@HopedHoper There is a very inactive person on my team. The username is @laser_eyed_puppy. What do I do!?

I saw this topic and I was like, oops, should’ve posted my question here.


This is a problem…
If she has not replied to this by tommorow one of your teammates might have to do two projects or find a new person…


@HopedHoper Ok, I could find another person…


Have you found another person?


Oh, don’t worry, she just came back!


@laser_eyed_puppy are you working in your project?


Is the due date November 26 now?

The Member List

@Work_kids_coding @DMF @CreationsOfaNoob @William04GamerA @BB-Box @Dolphin_coders @weathercats @Stal98 @laser_eyed_puppy @yaygirls @Dylan329 @DECODECO @Kayro @GoatLord @minioncandy @HopscotchRemixer @WinningMonkey @MyPizza @background_inc @PeachyPumpchkin

How are you all doing?


@HopedHoper I am debating between sine and cosine and game


I have 0 progress…


I finished 3 lines! For pixel art!


I am doing pretty good and I’ll start working with my project tomorrow.


I’ve kinda started but it’s slowly coming along


I haven’t started yet, because I want to finish something before I start. But I know what I am making!


We just need to update our background!


umm yeah…