Hoplympics 2017 Results!



Yes! It’s finally here! The RESULTS! The four teams have worked so hard for more than a month to bring their team to victory!

Okay on with Germany first

Total: 111

Now U.K!

Total: 79

Now U.S.A:

Total: 103

Last but not least Australia:

Total: 19

Sooooo in 4th place we have Australia with 19 Points!

I’m 3rd place we have

U.K with 79 points

In 2nd place we have

U.S.A with 103 points

In 1st Place we have GERMANY with 111 Points!


Well done to all participants! You have been working SO hard with your projects and not just that but you’re teamwork! Prize givers ( cough cough nobody ) please release your prizes!

🇺🇸 U.S.A. team 🇺🇸 (The Hoplympics) Need another person

Wow, I can’t believe that Germany got the 1st place! Great job everyone in Germany and all the other teams as well! You all made awesome projects!


This is awesome! Congrats USA!


At least I get something XD


I wish I was tagged. I didn’t see this until after I apologized to me team :sweat_smile:


What were Germany’s projects?


@MyPi They had amazing people like CreationsOfaNoob and MyPizza.


I didn’t even see Australia’s projects… and I’m in Australia!!


Nah U.K got creations!


@HopedHoper Really? I thought he was… Oh, never-mind…


Yay We Won
Thank you judges

@MyPizza @background_inc you may want to see this




AHHHH I’m so happy! This is like the only hopscotch contest I’ve ever won! Thank you judges! And congrats to all the other teams!


Did I judge well, or did I do a rubbish job


good job to everyone even if they didn’t make the top three. The important thing is that you tried your hardest and worked foe the win. I’m glad we all got to participate in this. Congrats to the Germany team but try not to shove your win in everyone’s face, this goes for us and uk too. But anyways Australia did a good job along with everyone else. Australia you guys did great and I believe you should have gotten more points. 19 is a low number for you guys but congrats on 4th. 4 is a really good number. Anyways uk team, my team, you guys did great. It is unfortunate that we couldn’t have gotten our sin cos project I but you guys did great! US team you guys did pretty well, you got above 100 points congrats. Germany you did just fine. Congrats on the win.

I personally wish the judges would give out the team who won in each individual section.


heres a link to ur project and its score


Oh thanks lol
I’m not observant


I noticed that my pixel art…
Basically only got this as the average score…
Creativity: 5/10
Performance: 5/10
Design: 4/10

Just gonna let all judges out there know this… IT WAS MY FIRST PIXEL ART EVER
Also it is inspired by my real live fuse bead Luke,


Did you end up judging the pixel art?
I looked through it but it doesn’t show that you did
He also asked you, but you didn’t reply or like
Give me an explanation please


I also have a question
How did it drop? You added the points together