HOPJAM 2021 Start

Yay !! :slight_smile: thanks

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Well, I think nobody really cared (just like expected) I’ll wait, but probably nobody’s even reading this, I am probably just not going to be on the forum, at least not for a while. Well thanks for the support!


@coconutfloof - there are lots of people who cared! sometimes comps don’t go the way we anticipate. maybe everyone was just really busy (i know i was). don’t let it discourage you from coding, or even being a part of the hopscotch community. it’s a great place to be, and I know a lot of people would love to code with you.

maybe you could try extending the deadline for the projects, and tagging people who said they wanted to participate & reminding them of the competition. it’s possible that they simply forgot, or didn’t have enough time to finish.


@Coconutfloof i couldn’t join like others because the Fall 2021 Hopscotch Seed Developer Program Has Started


Okay, thanks for telling!