Hopes for Feautured



Okay, I already know someone's gonna say "U should delete this because btw there is already Nominations for Feautured.
But this project is pretty different.
Here, you post the link to what u want to feature first, or a picture of a draft that u want to get feautured but you need Ideas for.
Then Hopscotchers comment and say what u could do to make it better and ideas they have for the project.
Lastly, you tag them if ur going to nominate them.
So basically it's like the step before Nominations for Feautured to make your project better, and have a higher chance of getting on feautured.
Plz no fighting, and don't say anything mean! ^U^


Good idea :clap::clap:

P.S. First :>


Thx!!!! I hope other people like it! ^U^ U


Awesome topic! Love the idea


Random question, but from your profile pic are you Lemons&Oranges on HS? Just asking @TheBloomingGarden


Yeah, I'm Lemons&Oranges, but I am thinking of changing it


Cool! I had no idea you're on the forum.


Ya. I haven't been on for a while though.


Cool topic! :slight_smile:


I said that exact same thing on my Forum Against Bully.ing.