Hopémon Go Alpha


Hi everyone! In this update, I just show I little update to what the next update will look like! Also guys, 200 plays on!!! Thanks everyone!! But what everyone wants... Here's the link!!

Thanks everyone!!!!


This is really cool!


Thanks!!!! I WORKED REALLY HARD ON IT!! You can even check how hard I worked in the code!


Do you want any feedback?


Yes please! I'd really like that!


Ok so your obvious gonna do more features but what about instructions?


Yeah, I'm adding instructions on what to do when you first enter the gym and first go to train your Hopémon! The next update will be big. It will be version!!


Awesome! I love this game! It is such an awesome game!


I think it will make featured when the full version is released!


I hope so! I'm nominating it when it's done!


Thanks! I hope you do! I haven't ever gotten in featured!! (No matter how many times I self-nominate)


I haven't gotten featured either XD. I hope you get featured!


Me too!


Oh. Thanks:


How??? Where did you get a black background???




No problem! I love your games!


I'm jailbroken. (I don't suggest doing it since it can mess up your iPad)


At night time, I have dark mode on mostly all of my apps:

That's the Appstore...


But anyways, let's GBOT! So any feedback on the game?