Hopémon Go Alpha RELEASED!


After a whole bunch of coding and a whole lot of time, I have finally released Hopémon Go Alpha!!!! You can play it here! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y68pnkeri Please note this is a very early alpha, and I will be adding way more features soon, so tell me what you think by replying below!! Thanks!!!!!


Cool so far :thumbsup:


Thanks!!!!!! :wink: I'm working on adding a gym in the next update, ( alpha) along with powering up your Pokemon... I mean Hopémon! The final version will be which won't release for a very long time! I will keep updating you guys on every new feature coming out!


Quick question, what is your plan for making the map system? Create areas and just let the player move with arrow keys?


I was actually thinking of making this game a liiiiiittle different, with a few changes such as there being no map, and instead of powering up Pokemon with stardust, you power them up with time such as, it will take 30 seconds to upgrade your max CP from 30 to 35! But who knows, I might add the map during the beta, or even the alpha! :wink:


Looks awesome! Can't wait till it's finished!


Btw, would you be fine with me picking up the project when it gets to the final version?


Picking up the project? You mean once I finish it you add more updates to it?


Thanks!! :slight_smile:




No Problem!


Uh, sorry, I don't really want to. 1.) I will keep updating after that anyway. 2.) I don't like giving away my work. sorry again! :sweat:


K, lol chill out.


I just don't wanna give away work that I have been working on for a very long time! Sorry! :sweat:


Stop saying sorry, it's fine.


Ok! :wink:


Great so far! :thumbsup:


Thanks komplettum vectrum j something... Wait hold on... Yeah I don't know your name, but thanks!!! :smiley:


Uh wot?

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

It's Komplettverrücktjunge :wink:

You're welcome


Hey I was actually pretty close! At least the 1st part!