Hoped Hopers "Official Debug Topic!"


Hello and welcome to my debug topic where I want you to debug my code!

Currently Debugging

Still-https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/yym53mto3 @POMTL

Past Debugs


Happy Debugging!


This is a great idea! You could tag me when you want something to be debugged, because right now, it seems like there is nothing to debug :slight_smile:


This whole forum is about debugging problems! I encourage you to make a new topic for every bug you have trouble debugging instead of using one topic to increase the amount of code flow here on the forum. :)


@William04GamerA there is a game debugging now!


Thanks for sharing your point of view but I find it annoying to keep making topics for each project I make :neutral_face:


Thank you for tagging me, and this game seems really cool. Maybe you could add some instructions even if the game is easy to understand. I tried playing it on my computer, and it did not work moving the character, but I will check your game out on my iPad to see if it works there. This game is really amazing!


I don’t see the problem. Everything appears to be working fine.


Anyhow, fully debugged and cleaned.

Debug Info:
No one is gonna wait 40 seconds for a game to load. I set it to 1 second and made a faster loading background so the more detailed one can load while you play. Everything is aligned now, and the tilt stuff is faster and more responsive. The obstacles are set at a more reasonable pace. Code is also compacted and stuff is renamed for easier editing.


Thanks a lot!
I might keeps the load how I did it (Might!) but do the editor things and faster tilting


maybe we should make it so that anyone who needs help debugging can come here.