Hoped Hopers game show!



Okay if you don't know how game shows work well check out the others (I bet you got loads of nofications about these) but let's get to it!

Also if you have the most pts at the end of a month you get a prize and then everybody goes back to 0pts

Catface4 4 pts
Tankt2016 4pts
Niftina 1pt
Food delivery 5pts


I'll do this!


Okay first question

What's my favourite food?
Also you get 3 pets if right 2 if your near or 1 if you tried




You are


3 pts for catface


Next question!

What is my favourite song


Shake It Off? Stressed Out? Can't Stop The Feeling? Gingham Style? No?

Is it by Meghan Trainer? Katy Perry? Taylor Swift? Twenty-One Pilots?


Yup can't stop the feeling!
3 pts for tanks


Next question
What is my favourite book!
Also for 5 pts you have one chance to get the title of that book in that series


Is it a Harry Potter book?



Magic treehouse? XD



Though I do like Harry Potter




Nope also it's a book from America!


Percy Jackson?

A Series of Unfortunate Events? American Girl Mysteries?


Nope (I'm typing this for 20char rule)


Umm... Those books? Something like Dear America or something??


It starts with D!
One tiny clue


Nope no petty nope


I give up. XD