Hoped hopers coding school



So here it very own coding school
So there's going to be 5 grades and teachers (20 kids and 5 teachers)
Grades are not based on age but skills
So there's

Grade 1: Simple coding

Grade 2: Normal blocks but complex

Grade 3:Getting there

Grade 4: The sin and dos ages

Grade 5: Mastery

Principal : Me
Vice principal :?

Sing up!

What you want to learn

What grade to teach
What your brilliant at

VP (only one I'll judge by your HS profile)
Will you plan loads of lessons?
What do you think will be good in the school?

Yeh copy n paste ain't working so can you get the OMTL please untill tommorow


Grade: ???


What do you wanna learn


Wait, what did you mean by grade?


I mean like different main subjects like basic coding is like basic things like how to make a background


Well I want to learn sin and cos


Ok first child
School may start on Monday here I'll post announcements stuff


This Monday? Umm…I'm coming back from cape cod that day


I don't know it depends how long it takes for 26 people to sign up
Maybe tell you grinds about this



So like keeping track in points


Basic values would be in Grade 2


Ok then 2


You're welcome, young mortal


Don't share your location.




You said you're in Cape Cod. Someone could go there and find you.

  1. I'm going there
  2. They don't know how I look or me at all


Just nvm
leaves topic


Someone could still try to find you.


Can i be im not good at sin and dos can i join the 4th grade :pray: Please sin and cos is what im worst at