Hop jam thing coming soon maybe…

I have an idea for a challenge (There will be no prizes, it is just for fun) it will be something like a game jam if you have heard of it. You get # number of days to make a game based on a certain topic. I would want to do something like this but in hopscotch, this might already exist but I don’t know because I am new to the forum. I will in a few days post a topic with a week to create a game and a tag for the game. (@Coconutfloof)
Thanks for reading.


Hey @Coconutfloof! This is an awesome idea & I can’t wait to see your challenge (:

Have you had an opportunity to introduce yourself here? If not, you can go ahead and do that! There are a lot of hops who would love to meet you!

I’m going to move your post over there for now, but you can make your topic whenever you are ready (:

Here’s some more information about the forum if you want to check it out: [OFFICIAL] New Users Guide For The Hopscotch Forum

Feel free to tag me when you make your game jam, I’d love to check it out! I look forward to seeing you around the forum (:


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