Hop Battles! (Beta Testing)

For the last nearly 2 months, I have been working on this for almost everyday. Its finally ready for beta testing! There might be some bugs with this game, which is why I made this beta testing topic. (Maybe improvements with this game to). What is this game about?

Battle System

So how it works you choose a character/or use a character you own. You will be up against a AI opponent, which is a random character of the 12 (if your doing earn coins, quest it will depend on the stage). AI opponent will use the attacks that actual character has. The AI attacks are random each time. You will have to choose 3-4 attacks depending on the characters rarity depends on the amount of attacks you can choose from. Each attack has its on effect, and you lower the AI health. You keep doing this until you win or loose, If you loose you can try again.

Characters/Leveling up system

If you go to characters you can see the ones you own, Blue background means you own them. Gray background means you don’t own them. If you tap on them, you can see the level, Rarity, their attacks, and you can feed them (If you own them).

To level up a character you need to have the correct amount of food, and tap the “feed” button. The amount of carrots, required to level up a character depends of the characters rarity. Leveling up a character increases their Health points (HP) and their attack damage! It also is required to do quests.

Quest Battles

The Quest Battles, are a way to earn coins, food, and most of the unlock able characters! Each quest is made up of multiple “stages” about 2-9 stages I think per quest. the more you progress the better rewards, characters you will unlock. However each quest has a character requirement, and level requirement. Note, quests don’t give you everything you need to you will need to do earn coins, as well to complete the quests. like the food, and the coin characters you buy from the shop are needed for some quests.

Earn Coins

Earn coins allows you to buy stuff from the shop, you will need for the quests. The amount of coins you get when you win a battle, depends on the character level. The AI character is random every time you do a battle. The health and the attack damage is all depending on your level. Unlike quests you can use any character you like here!


Using the coins you’ve earned, you can buy Characters that can only be obtained from there, as well as buying food to level them up. All the characters in the shop besides Dino are needed for the “Quest Battles” .

What saves?

This game took me over an hour to get finish all the quests, and get all the characters. So don’t worry pretty much everything that needs to save, saves. cause this is a very long game and may take a lot of time to do everything, so you progress does save between plays! This is what saves

  • Quest Progress
  • Coins and food amount
  • All the characters you own, and their levels

I hope you guys enjoy this game with the beta testing. Thanks for reading this!

Link https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/11mf4ifc0p


hey, is your game a completed version or it still under development?


In terms of content I would say it is done for now, I would say its still under development cause, there are probably some bugs still, maybe some improvements and balancing changes I could make. But at least for now its in the beta stage.


Cool Game.


okay, thanks for letting me know! I can’t play your project yet because of a time screen thing


Maybe you could add a cooldown for attacks? Without one, you can just do the most powerful attack a character has every turn

But other than that, amazing game!

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This is fun! More animations?

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Awesome game!

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I don’t think this is needed, because all the attacks are the same strength. the damage is randomized every time you choose a attack, but it is in the same range for every attack you choose. It would be cool to have more powerful attacks, or ones that give special abilities, those would need cool downs.

In terms of attack animations, a lot of them are pretty similar. Main reason for that is, it would have taken more time to do unique attacks for every character. Bird does have some cool attacks animations that aren’t really seen on other characters. I’ll add more attack animations when I add more characters in the future.

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