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This is an update topic for Hop Battles 2, for when new updates arrive, or when new events go live! Here’s the link https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/120fyaxrph. Also vote in the poll if you would like to be tagged and what for.

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Update 4 is here!
Update 4 - Space Adventure Update
This update adds in fixes, improvements, and events
New Characters
-Cosmic Cody :hs_cosmic_cody:
-Robo :hs_robo:
-Alien Pod :hs_space_pod:

Special Weekend

Join us for a special weekend this update to buy an old event character from the store and use it in their special Quest to get tons of food to level the character up to the max level! The Special weekend event will be held for Penguin! Make sure to get him when you can.

Space Adventure Event!

Check out the game to unlock new characters for a limited time, Unlock Cosmic Cody and Robo from the store, to be able to compete in Alien pods Quest!

February 11-13 Special Weekend Penguin

February 15-24 Alien Pod’s Quest

Pure Element Goes Free to play!

Alien pod will be the first character to have the pure element who will not cost seeds! Get him from his event to unlock this amazing character!

Other Changes

  • Edited the Character Info for Mosquito
  • Added In Pop ups to promote Road Racing 2 City GT and Horizon
  • Corrected the info for Yeti

Bug Fixes

The following issues are now fixed!

  • Issue with scrolling in coin battle mode
  • Improved Performance



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The first event for this update is here (don’t worry this will be the last tag for a little while). Join us this weekend to unlock Penguin from the store if you don’t own him, and use him in his speical quest to get the resources to level him up to level 15.


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I’m here :ok_hand:


Final event for the update which also means this should be the final tag, Alien Pods Quest is here! Unlock all 3 new characters get Robo from the store for seeds. Unlock Cosmic Cody, the best common character in the game for coins, and he will be useful for Alien pods quest. Alien pod will be the first character everyone can get that has the pure element.


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Can I be tagged too


Cosmic Cody is the best character besides penguin so that’s nice you added him


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