Hooman needs a profile picture! :0


BAS put his in Help With Code, so I hope I am allowed to too!

Ye, ye, I already hav a totally fab "H" as my profile picture, but, I want something else instead!

I liek monkeyz and qusids.

But it can be enythang.

The prizes, which might be the only rezon ur here:
A virtual pat on te back.
A congratulations.
Te logo of ur dreams :0

Gud luck frens.

Tis endz in 2 dayz btw




@Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 @BuildASnowman

I didn't change it! And if i did, why wood i chose dat hooman? I dun liek hem! ;-;



Heh. I chenged it back mod.


Oh my gosh that's beautiful


Im creating wun naow :D


Im finishd :0
Her it is :D


Here are some:


How about these:


I will try to make 1 4 u.


@PopTart0219, can you change my profile pic, I need something totally random.


I did it on this topic, because it will be in-topic (kinda)


Umm ok, this is random like I wanted



Won moar day guise.


Mayn achully has qusids and munkeys :00
I wil totaly win :000


someone translate this


Dutriy hoomun!!!! Di!!!


Nu I am technically a monkey & @qusid said monkeys were gud.


Technically not a hooman…

A hooman everyone knows and loves, even qusids! <3