Homework Helpers?


Have you got any homework? Well, if you don't know something, just ask me on Hopscotch. I have this new thing called Homework Helpers where I help people with homework. I already have uploaded a game called Cartesian Co-Ordinates which helps a lot with angles and X and Y. If anyone wants to join, leave your username below.


Username is BlackDawn. Me I wil do math. Algebra is easy for me.



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I want to join. User: GiraffeProductions


I'm not reporting this, but it is kind of off topic.


It can't be off topic if that's what it's about.


It helps to Lear programming you learn angles!


It's off the topic of hopscotch.


Not if its on hopscotch and some of ot will be done on hopscotch.


And think of it like this 'help with homework=learning and less homework=more hopscotch and more learning=higher chance you will not have to study instead of hopscotch' that's how I think of it!!!!!




I'm helping people with their homework by using Hopscotch, a fun way


I'm helping people with homework by coding!


I didn't know there's homework about coding (just saying)


What I mean is that some people need help with their homework. I'm helping them by coding fun and interactive games that they can use to learn about their homework subject.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! [dalek] Exterminate the off topic posts! (10 min later) the off topic posts have been exterminated!


Grrrrr It's not letting me delete my posts!