Holy heck! i'm on the lgoin screen!


in the newest update, i got featured in the login screen!

and also, it is my project, “pokemon go”

i’m totally an adult


Congrats. does it change???


Why does mine not look like that?


Great job! That looks cool


Yeah mine doesn’t either


After the update my remix’s of my projects tab was gone. Is anyone else’s missing?


Mine isn’t missing. It’s still there




That´s a cool login screen! Also, good luck on getting featured on their loading screen and also congratulations to @Valgo, @Madi_Hopscotch_, @KVJ (Is that your cosine eye to the right?), @MagmaPOP and all the other creators of the projects featured on the sign up/login screen of Hopscotch!


What is the planet project?


OMG THAT IS MY WEBSITE PROJECT!! Yahoooooooo (no offense to google crowd groans)