Holographic images in hopscocth in the future?


Okay so there was this really cool video

That so holographic telopertation!

What if holograms came to hopscocth in like 2 years? What do you think? This video blew my mind! What do you think of being able to holagraph bear up into the air!

The future has spoken!


I saw that. Cool idea, but I'm not sure if hopscotch is going to be that advanced anytime soon...
First, we need research to show that holograms actually exist, and if they are safe in any way, blah blah stuff.
And also, all iPads will need a feature that allows holograms to appear.
Plus, it'll be super expensive for hopscotch inc. to get one soon, not even the richest companies have access to them just yet.


I agree with everything right there! If there not safe then yeah we don't want Hopscotchers getting injured! And as well they are not realesed to the public like you were saying!


I meant like for the public, not just hopscotch :yum:
But I see your point!


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