Hologram project


So I was working very hard on this project.

So maybe I was thinking I could make a hologram club? Reply if you like the project or may think the club would be good.

Owner and leader: @danaball20
Member: @MiNi
Member: @Mr.rex


Anyone on? I think I might make the club.
@MiNi would you like to join?


So, I'm confused... what do you mean by "hologram club?"
Weird question; but whats a hologram?


Oh so it's those things, like look at my project. It's like a three dimensional picture. The club the hologram club is like idk where we talk about holograms. I haven't really thought that much about it. @MiNi


Okay! It sounds interesting. Most of the clubs I am in are dead, so I'll join.


Cool! So I'll add you to the club


Thank you!
So, what will we do first?


That's so cool! I've been messing around with the emojis, and you can make some really neat stuff it of that!


If you want to make a Halloween monster reveal picture, use :angry: and :imp:


Ya that seems cool! Would you like to join? @Mr.rex


Whatever! I was just first trying to find some emojis that were about the same, you can do anything @MiNi


Yeah sure.
Also, try using :hushed: and :sleeping:.


Oh ya that's a good one and this :camera:, :camera_with_flash:


shake the iPad to take a selfie!


lol I could actually do that with a hologram @Mr.rex