Holiday Contest?


Who won the holiday contest? It's been a full month! =(

Who are the winners?

Ikr? I didn't enter, but I wanna know


You should have gotten an email from Liza I don't remember who won...


Me too. Who do you think won?


I don't think it's been announced yet


It's been announced already! It was something along the lines of ninathesheep123


When was it announced?


A LOONG TIME AGO :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Ohh! I thought that was, wait never mind


When??? How do I see who won?!? It's been driving me crazy not seeing the winners for a month!!


I know it was in an email, but in December I didn't even know Hopscotch sent out emails. If someone knows who won it would be helpful if you could link the project please. I know @Giraffedolphin26 knows.


It has been announced in a email it was like nana sheep I think!


I never check my email


Wait. Did you change your profile?


I got an email from hopscotch saying the winner, you have to go on the hopscotch website and you can get notified by the hopscotch team daily. I kind of forgot who won though


Maybe I read the email... The name wasn't memorable if I did.


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Here's the link


Yes 🙄


I'm pretty sure this project was from someone in the HT. Nina.