HOLIDAY CARD... Please help me!


How do you get more info on the holiday card challenge? And how do you send it to friends? Please help me!

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You tap "Create", and there's a video about it. You have to publish the project after you're finished with the card, and inside the project, there's a "Share" button, which you tap and you can "Copy Link" from there. Or you can just tap the icon with two links that are connected near the heart outside of your published project and now you can paste it. You have to paste with either option to share it with friends.

What is your first notification in this forum?

OK!!! Thanks SO much you are a LIFE SAVER!!!!! :):):):):wink::wink::wink::slightly_smiling:


Omg I have a school iPad and it will not let me watch anything!!!! Can somebody describe the simple instructions please?


You make a card that relates to the holidays and you can share it with your friends and maybe win an iPad?


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Yeah, I have. And for some reason it will not send a like either...


Those links at the bottom say just "coppied" this project link has been coppied to the clippboard.


So what should I do? I might be able to convince my dad to let me do it on his iPad...


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It is supposed to copy the link to your clipboard. Then, in either an email or text, you paste that link and send it. The more times you send that link the greater your chance of winning the iPad.


Wow. And now I'm looking back at those days... Making that card with hard work... It getting on featured.... Me being a tiny brand new pesky person.... And now I'm a regular. sigh. Wow. I've come so far since then....


YOU GUYS ALL WITNESSED IT!! You helped me get to where I have become! You saw the first of me! Omg!!! Just look at that! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Those were the good Ol' days. Now the holidays are FAR over... And it's been 2 months... Heheheh:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

You've come a long way! I love your projects! By the way, isn't the notepad feature interesting? :slightly_smiling: - @Intellection74

Yah, it is @Intellection74! I luv it! And thanks! I love your projects tooooo!!!! - @SmileyAlyssa
its awesome!-sgs

OH YAH!!! - SA


@SmileyAlyssa your first post ever on the forum :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:
wish we could turn back time to the good ol' days

took me like half an hour to find dis


I know right!!! And this was extra special, because I was asking help for my Holiday card, which later got featured!!! :smile::smile::smile: (1st feature, and you guys helped!)


And now you're our favorite Hopscotcher! Except for the girl, it's a battle between B.C.M. (BubblegumCupcakeMix) and you, spam-liked B.C.M.


Yeah! This is how the beginning of my Holiday Card, which was the project that got you to notice meh!


I know, you were the biggest trend in December and January!


I think we're reviving this.


Why? Lol