"Hold Sound" block and more musical notes. (Idea)



I've got a great idea for the sounds. Before I get into what I want to say, here's a scenario:

Imagine you're making a song (Canon in D by Pachabel for example)
You are happily putting down blocks with the sounds when you reach to a point where the note must be "held" for a certain amount of time. The solution, repeat the block once or twice, but in the end, it sounded terrible. You thought, " they must add a "hold sound" block".

So, what I'm saying is that we should add a hold sound block so we don't have to repeat that one note/sound. I think this is also useful for other sounds like the sound of a car, so it may seem like a car is moving fast, or the sound of the rain. Continuous "pattering" of the water.

About the notes, sometimes you need a higher note.

So what do you say?

  • We need these things

  • I'd just go for the "hold sound" thingy

  • I'd just go for more notes

  • None


More sound options?

Sorry if the question is poorly explain, I apologize :pensive:


@liza! @liza! WE NEED YOU TO DO THIS!!!!!


Agreed. How Good A Idea Is @comicvillestudios Idea? :slightly_smiling: Vote Below!

  • Its AWESOME!!!

  • Its Cool

  • Meh

  • Nah



This idea sounds great, but we neber know, maybe ot's not possible.
hoping to see the hopscotch's team response


This is a good feature-add, but I think you'll end up wanting more for music, like Pachabel's Canon.

If HS just had something that i have mentioned a bunch of times (and it's something that has been used in lots of not very complicated code languages before), you'd get everything you want. It's waaaaaay simple.

What you want is a sound command that specifies:

1. Waveform (sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, noise)
2. Frequency in Hertz
3. Duration in milliseconds
4. Volume in percent

So it's

SOUND (w), (f), (d), (v)

Or something similar (maybe a different order?)

I would even add a #5 to this list of an "ADSR" (attack, decay, sustain, release) "envelope", which describes how the sound volume changes over time, like the difference between how a flute is blown and a string is plucked, but, given where we are now, that may be too advanced and tricky for Hopscotch purposes.

But this is basic stuff, plus it not only makes doing music easier - everything from Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star to the Empirial March on Star Wars - but it gives a lot more oprions for games SFX, and it would give HS a lot more personality than the limited choices now available.

Would you agree? Or do you still think a "hold" function is enough?

More sound options?

A stop sound block would be cool!


I see @oio , let me think about it...

@TromaxTheDestroyer , that's kinda true...


Well as we can see @oio made the impossible possible possible.
Great explanation, plus what he added are other requested features:
Like sound percentage..