Hoi I'm new XD plz be nice an stuff


hey there! I'm PastelPony. I'm new to the hopscotch forum!

Some things you should know about me:

-luv drawing
-cupcakes 4 every1
-sans and papyrus
-the awkward is real
-the only thing to fear is fear itself. Also spiders.
-like, totally loving Fashion.
-been to many places around the world
-Paris is my favorite tho
-marble soda by Shawn wasabi check it out on
-ok really I should stop now
- bye


Hi welcome to da forum..... hope u like it here


Hi!! Welcome! :smiley: If you ever need any help you're welcome to tag me (@Intellection74).


Welcome to the fourm, @PastelPony! If you ever have a question just but a @ infront of my insanely long name (lol)


awww thank chu frond! X3 sorry I'm going a bit diddlydoodly......IDC TROLOLOLOLOL


Welcome to the forum!
Please, go ahead and tag me if you have some questions! Like this!
Put an @ symbol in front of my name:
You may have some questions about some strange topics or whatnot. Well, the forum is... er, settling into a new phase. It's jokingly called the "dark ages," but it isn't, really.
Anyways, welcome! @PastelPony


Welcome to the forums @PastelPony





Like @OnceUponATime said...
if you see anything bad, or weird just press the three little dots (•••) then press the flag, select a category and done!
(I see you messed up my name, but it's okay fren!)


Welcome to the forum @PastelPony!!

If u need any help feel free to tag me like this @Paige1212!
Then i will get a notafication!
And if u ever make a topic remember has to be related to hopscotch!


Hei I was gumi for Halloween k bye


...I messed up on purpose...

HAHA I'm so evil. Thnx fren


@PastelPony hello!

Welcome to the forum!
Here the community guidelines, you should check it out:

If you need any help, tag me and I'll try to help as fast as possible. :D


Oh welcome to the evil club my minion mwahaha (:< and no problem!



Pastel Pony is Papyrus confirmed

So is peridot


I just realized there is a section named "cake day"


Do you have hopscotch? If so, whats ur username so i can follow you?


Yes, i think thats for 1 year anniversaries.



This topic is on the latest most popular topic list!!! And this is my first time here!!! TYSM guys!! gives @everyone a big hug and a cupcake :3 yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayaok I'll stop now


Oh No!

I am Late!


Welcome to the FORUM!!!

we can be Best Friends!