Hoi! I joined the forum!



A conversation I`ve started so I can help people who are new to Hopscotch! Also I joined teh Forum.


Hello welcome to the forum!


Hoi! Welcome to the forum! :D
There's lots of cool things you can do on the forum. If you need help with anything you can @ me or anyone.


Hoivs! The Great LadyKaterek has come to halp teh new ppls! Also, thank you for the offer AquaWolf! But I think I will be fine!


Welcome to the forum! I suggest you read this to learn more:

And this!


Looks at your profile picture

:0 You know/play Undertale?

Sorry that was off topic XD


I LOVE Undertale!:sparkling_heart: And its okay if we get off topic! After all, We can talk about anything we want to here! (That`s School Appropriate) Also, Your profile picture is ADORABLE!!!


Hate to break it to ya but all topics must mpbe hopscocth reacted!


Actually, there's rules that you have to stay on topic and topics have to be related to Hopscotch. (Probably should've mentioned that :sweat_smile:)

I love Undertale too :D


Oh! Ok! Thats fine with me! As long as we get to share how we made a random sentence generator then Im good! (Plz someone explain how to make one of those)


It's best to make a topic about so we're not off topic on this one. I made a random name generator so I think it's the same as making a random sentence generator.


Welcome to the forum!
Are you brand new, or another account? You seem to catch on quickly!


Im brand new to the forum, but Ive been on hopscotch for a little while now. And yet I already LOVE the community! They are all so nice! Its only the top half of 1 percent that someone will be mean! But I did see someone was called a cuss word. I hope the person who called them that apolagizes! (Sorry I cant spell) Also I have to go to bed. Guhhhhh niggggghhhhtttttt.:sleeping: