Hoi, ei has twanzwations. (Hi, I have translations.)


Ei ell hev bin yewin et meh fo da wey ei speec, bet ei haz twanslatins fo everytin ei rite!


ef ya gu tu da lenk end quete et, den yu'll se de twanslation!


What? What is this, I'm so confused


How did you do that? That is so cool!!


de wa?


How does that work, quote plz


ye, dats hew ya mek e secwet tex


I understand now
Plz quote @Tem


Are you British. If not what are you



I will be your friend


dat so neic ef yu... tanks, fren


@megaman3 is that a picture of you in your profile pic?
Just checking.
If it is, you have to change it.


??? wa? yu tink eim TRC? wel yu'r rong. se es meh sista. :3


You can also have me translate for you, I understand completely! :smile:


I don't think anyone should be yelling at you! I love the way you speak! OR:
Ei du tink aniwun sood bu yewin et u! Ei wuv fe we yu speec!
How'd I do?


please make an ACTUAL account then, and not an account that doesn't speak perfect english


Don't call it a nonsense account, that's mean.
If you don't delete that I'll have to flag sorry!


eil wev ef ye wen meh tu. meh siste sed HSF es e nec plais, bet eperantli se wes rong. ;-;


No it is a picture of a photo booted dude


You still have to change it.