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Hey! What is up? I am HNN, and I need your stories! Please reply if you have a good story, I will be featuring it in tomorrow's news! If the story needs to be told else were or want to privately tell the story's, I will privately send you a email.


Are you a collab account?
I have a feeling you aren't new...
Just suspicious.


Yup. I am not at all new.


Welcome to the fourm @HopscotchNewsNetwork


Hey'o what is up! :slight_smile:


But you made your account 25 minutes ago @HopscotchNewsNetwork


It is a new account of a different person. Like a collab or something.


So your saying you have two accounts on the fourm @GoatLord


It isn't mine...
Someone elses.


Is it okay if I changed the title a bit? :3

I changed 'Fourm' to 'Forum', I don't know if you wanted to leave it that way. XD


Ah, thanks. My bad. :slight_smile:


It's okay, autocorrect does that to me all the time! XD


I uninstalled Hopscotch and won't be installing/using for a while.
I can still help with code questions on the forum and type,explain code.


Welcome! Did you have a previous account? Are you anonymous? Are you part of the hopscotch team? Sorry for the overload of questions!


Is this you?



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@Rainboom, Here are the answers!




Thank you!


This is a duplicate topic. Please search before you post. I already made a topic about this twenty-one days ago.