Hmmmm... Suspicious featured game [Solved]


So there's this new featured game called toucan go, and it only has 244 plays and 43 likes! It was also released only 1 HOUR AGO from when I am typing this. I mean sure, maybe this person just got EXTREMELY LUCKY, and got their game featured only an hour after they made it, maybe the staff just really liked it! The code in it is pretty good, I will say that! But does anyone know what's going on? (This sort of reminds me of the time @seasoned.apricots got leader after being on for 4 days)


Seasoned Apricots isn't a new person, it is a second account. Just like @Qusid is a second account of a leader/mod.


Also, seasoned apricots happened to be @PopTart0219


@Montoya is just a good coder! He's not an alt account. The Hopscotch Team probably just spotted the project quickly, and decided to put in on Featured!


Yeah I know, but at first, people didn't know that. That's besides the point.


Took the words out of my mouth :stuck_out_tongue:


He has the same IP as the rest of the team




I think he works there.


Wow! I have to admit the code was probably a 9.25/10!! Very good coding Montoya!


That came out wrong. XD

I mean, he's a programmer, and maybe works in the same building as THT.


So Montoya's a part of @staff?


Of course he is in the same building xD


Whoa :0



I remember Montoya! He/She was really popular!


Hmmmm... Something weirder... Hopscotchin' since June 2016?


I have no words

Ask beyonce


Maybe he happened to make a really good project. I wouldn't be so worried about it.


THT means "the hopscotch team" right?


Yeah that's what we've come to a conclusion as! :wink: