Hmm... I know! Lets



... take a poll! The voting will go until October 15. A project will be made with the results and honoring the winner.

What's the best of the rainbow?

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple


❌ CRINGE WARNING ❌ The cringey posts/projects topic 😝

This is entierly of topic @Fishyguitars. The point of the hopscotch forum is to talk about hopscotch related things


Hi @Fishyguitars, on the forum, we try to keep the discussion related to Hopscotch so that everyone can find helpful info about Hopscotch since this is the Hopscotch forum :smile:

So I'm not really sure if choosing colours of the rainbow would be helpful for the forum. It's okay though! You're most welcome to edit your post or just move on from it.

@Stradyvarious @GoGoGames1 Here are related reminders too from Liza and Ian:


It's okay I just meant starting off with a more helpful reminder would be nicer.

Yes I was very aware that this might happen when I shared what I found out about polls on the forum. At the moment we've been giving people reminders about what is and isn't helpful for the forum. That is something we have been doing.

And I'm quite sure the Community Guidelines are automatically pinned at the top of everyone's Newest page, which mention that staying relevant is important.

If people don't see that when they first join, I don't know what else they would respond to. Any suggestions or ideas? I mean of course there is the option to turn off polls in the forum altogether, but polls can be helpful if used correctly and it wouldn't be at all fair to people who are using them just fine.

And I don't think harsh reminders or anything like that would help since everyone would just be angry and people understand more when you tell them nicely.


And yep of course I agree that there have been quite a few polls made that are off-topic. But it's just people aren't aware of using polls and keeping on topic and that's why we've been reminding people.

Using poll data to improve a project is a reason that I thought polls would be useful and I know that @comicvillestudios is using polls for that purpose:

I'd be willing to further discuss on a new topic if you like.