History of your profile picture/gifs!


So we all have profile pictures and gifs...and we have changed them! So, here is the topic where you post all the profile pics/icons you've had!
(I did SBYP and I couldn't find anything)

Here is my history

Meh history

Wait...I'll find the gifs and photos later!
I know I had (In order)
- Drawing of a girl on paper
- Walking cat girl gif
- Sad red drawing digitally of me
- Skate boarding girl gif
- Kawaii Unicorn cat gif
- Halloween Witch girl
- Nyan cat
- Blue robot avatar of me
- Pixel snowman gif
- Raindeer gif
- Melanie Martinez fanart
- Drawing by Waffle_draws (current)


A picture of inklings
A few pictures of my ocs.
Some are my amiibos
And this current one is a genderbend of ike


I fear I can't even remember all my pics...


I had a picture of Lavender.
Then I had a spooky picture of Lavender (Halloween, remember?)
Then I changed it back to Lavender.
Then I changed it to my blue robot avatar.
Then it's mine now!

(I've only been here for two months and look how many I've done)


This has always been my profile pic... Also I don't know how you make a gif


A sunset gif.
I had this Hatsune Miku gif for a while
I had a lot of "kawaii" gifs that I don't remember
Then I started changing them to my art
For like a minute my profile was a BFDI gif
Now we are here




More than a year ago it was of my face

Then it was all Pokemon


I had the best pic of tatsumi it was :ok_hand:

Then when I was majorly obsessed with noragami that's what I had

I had some cat pics for awhile

Had the pic of Tyler I had for a while

Then this one idk

  1. Raindrop character idk
  2. Robot (not this one)
  3. Toast
  4. This robot

So.. I change my avatar once per month on average.


I've had so many, each to represent something I'm currently enthusiastic about. Previously I've had...Numerous sketches and anime characters, a Pokemon GO themed profile pic, and my current one, a screenshot from the game "Seashine."
I don't even remember them all and I don't have pictures, sorry.
My user card BGs are pretty much the same as always, as far as I can recall, until this one, it was this colourful flowery wallpaper and a neon rainbow like thing wallpaper.

  • Chibi Mellodii (six months or so; I had this one for a while) (drew myself)
    -Rainbow Poring
    -Headphone Marin (drew myself)

  • Amerimochi in a bowl

  • Finland-mochi GIF (drew myself)

  • Spain (directly taken from the manga, made the background transparent)

[you are entering the zone of profile picture insanity)

  • Canada
  • 2P America (Ashton F. Jones)
  • England sipping tea GIF
  • Teacup GIF
  • Teacup
  • Upset Canada
  • Upset Canada (Effects!)

  • Smiling Yuuri
  • Happy Viktor
  • (test) "Good luck, Yurio!" (adjusted 5-7 times in total)
  • Smiling Yurio
  • (cropped) Smiling Yurio
  • (cropped + effects!) Smiling Yurio [current]


Don't remember exactly but here are a few I had


Thank you for liking Pokemon


First two weeks I just had a letter.
Then I changed it to a circus themed one.
Finally i had @Explorer_ make my new one which is same as number 2 but christmasy!Edit: and I added some text in pic collage


Have you literally never looked at Pix's general topic. She loves Pokemon, especially Ash.


Gasp. Ash is a Pokemon?!
Awesome. Can I be a Pokemon?
Sorry, random interruption.




Third & fourth:
I don't have the pictures anymore :disappointed:



This might be my seventh:


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