[Hiring] The Dojo [Campaign, Teams, levels, and more!]



The dojo game is a two player game but you can play against a computer. You earn Xp and coins from wining, the xp levels you up once you get a certain amount. You can save up your coins to buy things in the shop. Custimze characters are coming soon and so is the computer. You can beta test the game (it's an open beta) just tell me any bugs/glitches on the forums or email me at

Links to beta:
Beta 0.1
Beta 0.2
Beta 0.3 https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xonma3o7k

Old: So I was working on this game called the dojo (there are other ones too) but it would be the best one. I am continuing to make it again. I am also making it on scratch my name on there is the same as on hopscotch.


Do u need any help with that?


Is it a karate fight type game?
I'll look on scratch if you have published and maybe I can help with a remix.


Probably not but I'll ask if I do.


It's kinda a Karate type game.


Which one

Which one should be the colors for the word the dojo

  • Gray & White
  • Black & Gray



Should I add two characters moving at the menu screen? Example:



  • Yes
  • No



Which shield

  • :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:
  • 🛡
  • Certain ones for certain characters (comment it)




Here's the link to the beta. https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xmvratr80


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Okay thanks for notifying me. I'll fix that.


Beta 0.2 fixes and adds
- Added bears to menu screen
- Fixed character health
- Fixed selecting with raccoon
- Added info page to check for info and updates
- Fixed Bear's shield
- The :arrow_heading_up: Button works


I was wondering but I don't know if you guys know this code. I'm only asking because I forgot some of it but do you know how to make a character selection where you can pick any two characters instead of it being certain ones.


Beta 0.2 https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xohbdtlta
@Snoopy, @JonnyGamer, and @AHappyCoder want to make music for my dojo game coming out on Christmas.


Not something that you have to change but here are some tips for improvement
Make it look more modern
Don't use emojis, use shapes
Make your own characters (If you want the challenge.)

Just a comment and I am not forcing you too p.s.


Please remember this.


I will. I'm thinking about different buttons.


glad you are ok with my comment :slightly_smiling: