HipHOP Magazine


I'm starting a magazine business! Obviously, it's hopscotch related Its called HipHOP Magazines. I think it was @VanillaOwl who started it, but credit to whoever started it because idk who did. There are going to be idk how many columns which are:
Top New Projects
Idk what else but I'm gonna think of more.

And these are the jobs.

There will also be others. But these are the main ones.

If you want to be an interviewer, you can ask your own questions, or, if you can't think of any questions, you can use these.

When did you start hopscotch?
What is your hopscotch username?
Who is your inspiration?
What project are you most proud of that you made?
What is your favourite project?
Have you been featured before?
If so, how did you feel when you did?
Have you been Trending before?
If so, how did you feel when you did?
Have you been rising before?
If so, how did you feel when you did?

I will post more info when ppl join.









Note: The interviewers are for the interview section, the Editors are for the whole thing, but there will be different people doing some parts, and the writers are for the whole thing, but more than one person does it. Reporters do stuff for top projects and stuff




Thx @Kitkat26


Anyone wanna join? Or is this gonna be a lonely topic like some of my other ones? XP


Seriously? No one?


Lol I made the concept of a hopscotch magazine but it never got finished


I want to be an editor! :DDDDDDDD


I did sorta start that, but when I finished the magazine my iPad decided to reset itself and the app I had it on actually got delETED ;-;

I was so upset... ~-~


Ok! U can be editor! I will tag you when we get enough ppl.


Can I be an interviewer?


Ok! We just need a few more people to get started so we have a Half of a team.


I thought that you were a writer for Hopscotch Weekly. Will you be able to keep up with both?


Yup. Don't worry, I have a couple more hands (if ya know what I mean) There are two ppl on dis account but only for temporary. I can keep up.