hijshshshsj hiiii


it says my stuff s on pending but wht does that mean


I’m fatcat you can tag me anytime if you have questions
Tag like this: @HorseLover347


Haii haii haii I’m @Ducks_Happy I’m energetic 11 year old girl who ia terrible at art but I like to think I am i really don’t tho well I’m also annoying mostly to my no though well welcome have fun! Also if you OK with it I would love to hear a few facta about you!

sorry I’m hyper!


you tagged me u dodo :joy:


I’m aware dodo…I did it on purpose






Becuase I wanted to duh XD


Since nobody else answered your question…

All new users have their posts put on holding. If you keep browsing the forums and post a couple times you’ll earn member in no time.

This is just done to prevent people from making new accounts and spamming or doing bad things.


Hey there.


Welcome to the forum


Like @TheBest1Ever said, when you are a new users, there are some restrictions, but after you have been on the forum for a while, your posts won’t be on hold and you will be able to post as usual.