Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I'm back!


Soooooooooooooooooooo my b-day is comin up!


I know this isn't Hopscotch related but my b-day is comin up! On May 6!!!!!!!! Get to take the Harry Potter house quiz!!!!!! Yay!


YAAAAAAY!!!! Happy almost B Day! And welcome back! I don't think we ever talked, I'm @Explorer_, tag me anytime


So is this like a general topic?
You should put ur username and gt in the title so people don't flag this for spam. Also you should add something like this is my general topic in the first post.


Btw here is my list of frenz on the forum!

And about anyone else who is on the forum!


Btw + @Kayro hjibhibhibhib


happy early birthday!
mine is two days after yours lol


My friends b day is on May 6!

Do you know amyone named jaz XD

Welcome back!!


No I do not know anyone named Jaz! Anyways thanks everyone!


That's when my momma birthday is and my dad graduates college!


Happy early B-day :smiley:


yay :confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball:


woah, happy early birthday! your birthday is around the same day as mine! :D


Welcome back!!! XD

And how old are you turnin'?


Hello and welcome back! I think I havenĀ“t seen you around, hi!


Wow! Thx everyone! I am turnin 11! Wow seriously @pandablossom I never knew I had the same birthday as You!


Hi! How's everyone doin'


Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hello


Uummmmmmm hi