"Hide video" button showing up in top-left corner



So today I created a new account (it's called Creative Coder Messages if you're curious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and it all worked fine, and I signed back into my normal account. For some annoying reason the "download all drafts" button didn't come up so I had to download all of my drafts (and I have a lot). That isn't the main problem.

When I was going into each of the drafts, I noticed something. The "hide video" button for tutorials glitched out into the top-left corner. But the normal hide video button was still in its normal place.

What's even weirder, however, it even glitches into drafts that are blank (without a video), and even certain loading screens beforehand! @Liza, @Ian, @alish, or anyone, do you know why this is happening? Is it just me? I'll include a screenshot of one of the BLANK projects that this happened to.

Sneak peek to my new game :smiley:

Thanks to anyone who can help!


I was so excited about going to the house with my iPad but now I'm not as excited.