Hidden white in default colors


I just want to show you guys how. I don't know if this is already discussed in an old topic but I want to show you guys how to get HSB(0,0,100) [White] quickly,

  1. Create an object

  2. Add a Set Text or Set Color Block

  3. You thought the space below the default black was empty? Wrong, click it.

  4. See the results!

Just want to share to you, guys!
(If it doesn't work, please tell me, maybe it was a bug or something that my app have :])


This is very nice!
I'm pretty sure we knew that was the color white! :joy:
Good observation, though! Glad you realized it :wink:


You didn't know this? I always new this, I didn't even think to share it! I thought everyone knew! Great topic!


I just realized it earlier when I am working with a new game that uses that color.

And I accidentally clicked it, and I said to myself:
"Why did I waste my time copypasting HSB? ~_~"


@Liza, maybe THT needs to put a border around the color white..? :yum: