Hidden Parts of the Forum, and Shortcuts



Many people probably know this already, but there are "keyboard shortcuts. Press the hamburger menu,
(or = ), and you'll see a list of keyboard shortcuts!

I know that The Hopscotch Forum has eliminated some of these features, such as messaging, and categories. (Help, lounge and random) If you press "g and m" together really quickly, you will be sent to the messaging system. I heard that @friendship2468 wanted to contact @liza, so you could do that. Since you get a welcome message when you first arrive on the hopscotch forum, you should be able to add on to that message.

Some other neat shortcuts:

Hope this helps! Discover the hidden parts of the forum, and some neat shortcuts! :wink:

This is for when you are on the computer, or if your iPad is equipped with a bluetooth keyboard.



Thanks for the help! And it's for only desktop view, right?


I believe so.


Thanks for posting the topic! It will be so much easier!


Those are some pretty neat shortcuts! I don't use the computer much, but whenever I do, I'll keep those in mind! Thanks for sharing! :wink:


This would be cool to use but sadly I go im on my iPad


What's a Bluetooth keyboard?


The Bluetooth keyboard is a keyboard for the IPad
It looks like this...

Sorry to get of topic... :confused:


That's not off topic at all! It might help people who don't recognize what a bluetooth keyboard is. :wink:


Revving becuase it is helpful and I am still bored. XD


revives topic

Can someone help me with the shortcuts? Most of them work (at least the ones I have tried) but things like "Like post" and "reply to post" don't, how do you select the post you want to like?




I found out how to do it on some other post. Thanks anyways


no problemo


I was just about to think about posting a topic like this then saw this, so I'm glad this is here @Anonymous!

I just found if you press j and k you can scroll up and down, then press l to like posts, which feels really fast and handy :laughing:

dunno if this is still needed, but it's there for anyone who is looking in the future :upside_down: