Hidden Messages


In my next replies, I might hide a hidden message. It was inspired by @Zachyswag, thank him for the idea! These can be anything from a random string of text to a video from Apple! The only way to find them is to quote it. These will be in different places. You may post pictures of them when you find them!

1st place:
2 follows
Me liking all of your posts
Me liking all of your projects
2nd place:
1 follow
Me liking all of your posts
3rd place:
Me liking all of your posts


@Stradyvarious what in the world was that??


free text to voice synthesizer


Wait, the messages can say anything?
I think I found the first one


So, each time I find one, I post a screenshot?


How many will there be?


Yay! Someone liked my idea! I'll share it with everyone...

with the OMTL!



Cool! I'll join again lol




Yup, that's what it says. :slight_smile:


Plz stop using the OMTL more then once


But it wasn't more than once. The topic creator never used it so I just spread the word!


I thought I got tagged 3 times


No, this is a different topic, and on the first topic I accidentally did the OMTL twice. These are 2 different topics. :wink:

It even says that I had another topic. I just made a mistake on the old one and used the OMTL twice.


Oops my bad! Sorry about that


It's ok!