Hiatus for the Summer


Hi guys. I have news about my projects. If any of you follow me (MissingInAction), you'll notice there hasn't been anything for over a month. I had a play in May, then finals, and then vacation with no wifi for three and a half weeks. And that's not the problem.

All of my coded projects are on my iPad. But two days before we left our vacation home, my little sister dropped and absolutely shattered my iPad. She continued to play and cut herself on the glass.

So my family is getting rid of my iPad in two days and nobody is allowed to play it. Right now I'm on a computer typing this for you guys.

I'm sorry. It was a great year and a month of Hopscotch, but I didn't have the time and now the resources to continue. At least for the summer...

There is a glimmer of hope. As I leave again for my vacation home in two weeks after two weeks of science camp, I may return. Who knows? I can't draw for you guys, but maybe something will happen if I get an iPhone.

Now I'm not quitting: I just can't produce projects with what I have. I might return, and I really, truly hope I can.

In conclusion, I'm taking the rest of the summer off. There just might be some projects, but most likely not.

See you after the Hiatus.


This topic almost made me cry (mostly because if someone dropped my iPad they wouldn't be alive much longer). Are you still going to be active on the forum?


Yes, I am because I usually go on the forum using a computer. That's still working, I just probably won't be on as often as I was at the beginning of the summer.


we finally got the iPad back from the shop it's beautiful it's fixed I love it happy almost b-day me!!!!