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  1. Subway Lines
    In Subway Lines, you create a line of subways! You can choose to run underground or suspended. Suspended receives more money, but also costs more to add more stations, since you delete property, and build steel poles to support the track. You can buy more subways to run along the track, or leave one subway running and become the richest subway line in .
    Trailer : Coming soon
    Release date: DELAYED February 2018

  2. Theme Park Tycoon 2019
    Build your own theme park of your dreams! Serve food, hire workers, build and place rides! Maybe even some carnival games, and satisfy your park guests!
    Release Date: March 2018
    Trailer: Coming soon

  3. Healthier World Tycoon
    Create a better and healthier world by selling electric cars, provide a less polluting way of public transportation, make money, donate to charity, and create a healthier and happier world. If you gather enough money, you can build your own farm and sell fresh produce for a cheaper price, so everyone can get food! Gather even more money, and make a ban on cigarettes and cigars, and create a happy world with less pollution, and happier people.
    Release Date: 2018
    Trailer: Coming soon


All those games sounds amazing! I am excited for them to launch.


Can I have links for these projects because they should have been all released a while ago.