Hi101s General Topic


Hi frenz! It's Hi101s General Topic! On this I will be doin random sometimes! Askin u guys questions! And ya I guess!


Hi! I don't think we talked before, I'm @Explorer_ tag me anytime!


Hi! No I do not believe we have talked before! Well now we are sooo...


-new name
-keep name[


:neutral_face: I was trying to make a poll


Do you want help??


Yes pleeze! How do u make a poll


Ok so when your making a post there's buttons up the top, tap the Gear on the end then tap Make poll


You type it out like this:

- Option 1
- Option 2

This code will make this. :)

  • Option 1
  • Option 2



Awkward moment when Ive never knew how to do a poll
whispers: tank chu very mush Rawrbear


It's my pleasure! If you want to know more about polls, there are a myriad of topics on this forum. Just search up "polls". :D


I've been thinking about changing my hopscotch username.......
My name right now is violinplayer101

  • New Name
  • Keep name I have right now
  • Don't even get a new name! Just quit Hopscotch!


Choose up to 3 options

Votes are public.


I'm @Paige1212!
Tag me when you need help
Well do you need help with anything on the forum?


I'm also 10!!!!
Are you in 4 or 5th grade
You don't have to answer


I'm in 5th Grade!
Almost 6th


[ poll ]

  • New name
  • keep name I have right now



Ugh a poll won't work for me!


Your doing it wrong


You press the gear button then press build poll