Hi! We are Double Wasp Studios



Hello everyone.

We are Double Wasp Studios, a collab of semi-talented Hopscotchers.

We will make games, trail art, and maybe more.

You can find us on Hopscotch as Double Wasp Studios. Our avatar is the same there as it is here.

We will update this topic when we have a date to publish our first projects.

Double Wasp Studios first projects

Hello there! I’m yaygirls! If you need any help, tag me like this @yaygirls.


Ok! Welcome to the forum! Let me find some links to helpful topics!


Here you go! If you need any help tag me @HopscotchRemixer


Hello there @DoubleWaspStudios! If you ever need any help, write like this: @William04GamerA in a post or a topic to send me a notification so I can help you. I am excited for your first project as well!


Hello @yaygirls, @William04GamerA, @HopscotchRemixer.

We both already know how to use the forum, but thank you. On the rare occasion we do need help, we’ll ask you.


Welcm to tee frum


Okay, that’s good! Have a great time here then! Do you have other forum accounts too (if you want to tell that).


Hello everyone.

We have an idea of what our projects will be. No set date for publishing yet, but we should have one in the next week.

@Yaygirls @HopscotchRemixer @William04GamerA @PartTimeFemale


Ok thanks for notifying me, please tag me again when you release the project, thank you!


Yeh same