Hi um can I get help making a art pad on hs?

I don’t know how and I want to make one! I want my own and I don’t want to steal one. Help me make one please!


just use another persons


No offence but…
I can tell you how to make a basic pad,but look at trending,there is no coded game. So,I’m not sure I want to help…

It depends on what you want it to do.

There are different methods which will provide different results.

Do you want one that makes good looking lines, one which is just normal, or one which is based off of the video from a few years ago?


Have a look at trending,will you?

Look at it yourself.

It is filled with up with drawings

Hey, coding an art pad is still coding, right? I would think you’d be behind this.


Okay. I have made a quick tutorial for a simple drawing pad, which has the basic elements of a drawing pad.

This drawing pad has a button to change color and a pen, which are the two most important parts of a drawing pad. I’ll let you firgure everything else out. Be sure to let me know when you finish.

The change color button also draws a background. If you want just a white background, don’t do the draw a trail block. This is just the first rule. (The custom method’s code is in a screenshot below)

This is the second rule of the Object. It says that when the change color button is tapped, change color, then update the color of the object. You can ignore the math in the set variable blocks, you will most likely not be setting it to a random color. It’s also not a very good way to make a random color.

This is just the set text rule. The only reason I used it twice is so that I don’t need to add two different blocks. You can replace it with a simple set text in the first rule, and a set color in the second if you want. If your button isn’t text, then you just need Set color.

This is the pen Object

I kind of over complicated it, but this may teach you something more I guess. The order of the rules here is important (at least the when pressed). The when tapped rule will go first (I probably should’ve positioned it first) because when you tap, it just counts putting your finger down. When pressed is when you ho,d your finger down. These rules will go afterwards.
The second rule acts as if it were in the draw a trail block. Normally, when you use just one set position, it’s better to put it inside the draw a trail block (it is the same result and easier to read), but when you have multiple blocks in the second rule, this method should make the null frame at the end of the draw a trail block not happen (I think.) This means that your code runs slightly faster. It doesn’t really matter, you can do it either way.

This is the result:

(Don’t mind the font. It only looks that way to me, I have an edited webplayer file.)

Let me know if there is anything that you don’t understand. Just reply with any questions. I’d also like to see your drawing pad when you’re done.

Here’s a link to the project


Awesome tutorial! It’s easy to understand and well-written. It will surely be really helpful for beginners or anyone else that wants to create their first art pad.


@Nobody, you know this stuff.

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Nindariod has awesome tutorial already, but I could do one!

Dude you can’t even draw


Nindroid beat me…
If you get a problem feel free to ask for help!

You can look at my art pad code. Just check my profile!