Hi uhhhh I’m really confused


Hhhhhh plz help me work this thingggggg

Also I’m in middle of a thing
I’m extre confused with the forum


please put your art in the drawing topic


Hello! For a great explanation about the forum, I suggest that you read this:

Also, I am here if you ever need any help or just want to talk! :slight_smile:


Anything specific?

Also, you can share your art in the drawing topic!! That is a better way to have others actually see it!!


You have two topics of the same thing. Also this is the Hopscotch Forums. I felt the same way, when I began a week ago. But you’ll get it eventually. :slight_smile:




I’m not exactly sure on how you put in in the drawing topic. Wanna explain more please? Honestly the only way I know how to add photo attachments is by replying
I have no idea how to start a new topic


Hi, how are you? I’m here to help. You can ask me anything or if you just wanna chat I’m open. You can tag me like this @MK0825. I’m open whenever, so yeah


You start a new topic by tapping the three lines, clicking something like Latest or New, and hit ask a question. From there you just enter what you need to


Also, he dosent mean start a new topic, but rather there are certain topic for drawing such as


OK, thx so much! I think I’ve got the hang of it now


No problem, I’m happy to help!


I think your question was answered :blush:


Yup! Thx so much btw


Oh hi! I’m sorry If me randomly replying like this is weird. Sry. But, is your reply thing working now?


Yeah thankfully
They’re making me do at least twenty characters in a reply tho so
fills reply with randomness

I think it’s enough now


Yeah, the 20 characters thing is for everybody… Its kinda annoying.


But today I saw someone reply with just
How did they do that


Btw where would I post a random video