Hi, There! I'm New to the Forum! ❤



Hi, Guys! XD
I'm new to the Hopscotch Forum! My Hopscotch Username is Buks001 :yum::lollipop:!! Please check it out! Any tips or suggestions for the Forum?!

Also, please check out my three sisters: @Fintastic05 (Strawberry Sweetness on Hopscotch), @SmilingCupcakes (-CottonCandy- on Hopscotch) , and Love & Laughter (she's not on the forum)! I'm currently working on a cool project!! :grinning:

~ Buks001


What is your cool project you are working on? Welcome to the Fourm!


Welcome! If you ever want help type "@KVJ"!


Have a read of this!


It's a Surprise - That's the fun part!! XD


Beware: you have limited replies for your first day! Be careful when you reply!


Hi! Welcome to the forum! You'll like it here. People are really nice. In a couple days, you'll be a pro at the forum. People really help you out and give you any information or help you need. If you need any help at all, please tag me! @codingcupcake123


Welcome to the forum! :D
I hope you have a great time here! :D

@SmilingSnowflakes drew your profile picture, right?
You should probably give credit to her. :3

The best way to give credit is in your bio! :D


I-I was gunna use that as my profile picture though. ;_;



Now I'm sad. D:


Welcome the forum!!
You know what to do if you need any help, just tag me, like this: @SmilingCupcakes! :joy:


Oh, sorry, @VanillaOwl. I feel bad now.
Should I change it?!


Forum hack @Buks001: if you run out of replies, click the "…" by one of your posts, click the pencil and edit what you would say in a post!


I changed my profile picture!


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Sorry, I was late to the topic!
Welcome to the forum, @Buks001!

P.S. You finally decided to join!! :grin::sparkling_heart:


I made that picture on hopscotch! Out of trail art, your profile pic!
Love that profile picture @Buks001!
Welcome to the forums!


Thanks, @smishsmash! XD


Your welcome :D
If you need anything tag @smishsmash!


Like with @smishsmash , feel free to tag me anytime!


Thank you! :D

You are really nice! :D