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Welcome to the fforum!


Hi if you need to tag me @ducks12 well well welcome to the forum


Welcome! I m also new


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my name is tired dwarf, nice 2 meet you


Welcome to the forum @Miaryan!
The forum is an amazing place!
Remember to stay on topic, and only make topics that are related to Hopscotch, Coding, or art.
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Yo! What’s your Hopscotch user name?


Hi @Miaryan
The other people who commented on this topic are amazing, so be sure to check them out!
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Sorry I’m late
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What’s the cipher?


no it’s an advertiser


hi! please get off this forum! thank you!


Cool! What’s your favorite hopscotch project?


they’re probably not on hopscotch cause they’re an advertiser :smiley: