Hi there; I am WhatTheGirlScout.


I am WhatTheGirlScout. I mean no disrespect to ther girl scouts; I was one myself.


Hello! I see you are new to the forum! Welcome to Hopscotch! If you need something, just reply with a @ and my username and I can help you! Are you new to the Hopscotch app too?


Hello @WhatTheGirlScout and welcome to the amazing Hopscotch Forum! I hope that you enjoy your time here. Before you start to post awesome stuff, please read the rules and make sure to follow them:

(you can tap the text to the right of the avatar to read all the guidelines.)

Enjoy your time on here and feel free to ask me or someone else if you need any help or just want to talk! :slight_smile:


Nice ciphers you posted on Hopscotch.
Welcome to the forum, I’ll see you around.


Welcome to the forum!
Tag me if you have any questions or simply want to talk!!

If you have any more direct questions regarding the community or how to use the forum, let me know


Yo. Welcome to the forum. Here’s some tricks(remove all spaces)
< a > now its blue< / a > now it isn’t.
< small > now it’s small< / small > now it’s normal


I am new to the app as well.


If you look closely, you will find the same cipher I used in the app in my ‘About Me’. It may help you. My current profile image, profile background, and user card background also provde some small clues.


I will be waiting for you to decrypt it. When you have, please post your findings on this topic.


Ah. I want to ask something, why do you have a kind of cypher in your bio?


The purpose of the cipher in my ‘About Me’ is to hide information about myself.


Have you figured out anything yet? My blank profile image represents the color white. 22 is a good number. As for the snake, well, it lives in people’s yards.


Hello. Do you know anyone going by the name SharpenedBlade74?



Hello! Enjoy your time on the forum! If you need coding tips, you can tag me like this: @Doughnut_The_Hole :hugs:


Whom is that? I presume they must be someone inportant, for Gobli asked me the same question.


How’d you get around the 20 character requirement?




But why type a cypher in your bio to encode your bio? Same thing goes for you hopscotch account!
Also, you are encouraging others to decrypt it using clues…


reminds me of KVJ and his profile picture