Hi @SmileyAlyssa



Hi @SmileyAlyssa it's @Coffee7 and I was wondering if we could chat some how maybe on the forum or a project on hopscotch but I was wondering if we could do a project together:blush:


Hi! But I don't think the forum is really for chatting. And I can't really do collabs because a lot of times I don't have wifi, so when I log out then come back in I don't like to have to download all of my drafts again.


yes but can we still code together?




Yay when will you decide


Oh how can I change my icon from being a big brown c


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Thanks so much by the way what is your hopscotch mine is coffee7


Can I help Code, too?


I can code with you!


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yes both of you may code well at least with me Coffee7


Hi @SmileyAlyssa may I use the smiley pad to take requests on don't worry you will get credit:hearts:


Don't worry about putting me in the credits! The SmileyPad is free to use! :+1:


Hi @SmileyAlyssa I would like to draw you or something for you on hopscotch on my account @Coffee7 I have a drawing pad that I do requests on (but I'm switching to the smiley pad) just write what you want me to draw. Please tell other people to because I love to draw but nobody will request things for me to draw.


Hi @SmileyAlyssa can you join my friend MPMP123's art club. She needs 1 more person in it and really wants you.


I am not too good at art... But I will check it out soon. Right now I am on a computer.


Can you please follow PIGGY! on hopscotch


Oh and have you signed up for her art club? It doesn't matter if you good or bad at art I'm not good at art ether.


I have a backup account now! This is SmileyAlyssa