Hi! Plus for testing! And a general topic!



Hi, I'm @Corvus, @GysvANDRegulus's backup! I'll be using this account to test forum stuffs and probably nothing else!

P.S. This topic is for testing forum things and introducing myself!
Plus HS stuff!


Cool!!!!! :D

I love that narwhal so much XD


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1) Confirmed!
2) Yes, I'll be testing things!
3) Hopscotch things as well!


It was pretty obvious...
Test 1: Turning help topic to lounge!

As you can see, you can't see any topics if you're lower than a Regular, even though you made the topic.
However, you can see that you've made a post.
Again, no topics, and previous notifications on that topic are deleted...
You even get a screen that says you can't access the topic...


Previous notifications of this topic are deleted when it goes back into #help, and the topic is back in Topics...

Title edits look strange...


Hi. I'm going to test something...ok?
I'm testing the dropdown things.




It worked! It's fun.





I was the 100th view of your bio. :D




rly @GysvANDRegulus ಠ_ಠ
Did you have to change my title?