Hi pixel art help plss

Hi I’m new to hopscotch im only one month old. And I keep seeing other hopscotch accounts make pixel art thingies. And I don’t get how they make them. Their is another user who makes really realllllyyyytt big pixel arts called pwtrochor but whenever I click her project hopscotch crashes

Ok so I just want to know how to make pixel art and I want to also know why petrichors(I think that’s her user) projects always crash

And my user in hopscotch is ItzMeJasmine if u want to follow

But I deleted all my projects on there because I want to start fresh and new

  • sincerely

ItzJAZZY(my irl name is jasmine by the way)


Welcome to Hopscotch and the forum.
I’m @fearlessphoenix, a hs veteran and a hs forum leader so feel free to tag me for help.

The user is “Petrichor” and “she’s” a he lol. He’s @Petrichor

I can help you with basic code for super fast pixels. Here:

when game starts

set (\variable) pixelsize to (\whatever you want)
repeat times (pixelsize)

create a clone

when object is cloned

set pos X(\whatever you want) y(\whatever you want)
set pos X(self x pos) y(self y pos -(self clone index -1))
\\ add you pixel line code here

Inside the custom block that draws the pixel, add this code:

draw a trail color (\whatever color you want) width 1

set pos x(self x oops + pixelsize) y(self y pos)

Hope this helped


Oof yeah Fea rocks

They replyed to you rn (right now)


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Thank you so much ! Also I’m sorry petrichpr for saying you are a she. Misgenderibg people is not okay and I’m sincerely sorry that I did that.

Also AGHHHHHH thank you sooooo much for giving me the pixel art code I will use it as soon as I get my iPad back(I had lost it Because I got grounded uesterday( but I get it back Tate

Again thank u so so much!!! You’re the beset and nice to meet you


Lol yes.
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No problem lol.

You’re welcome, lmk if you need anything else

Aww thanks. Nice to meet you too


Nice to meet you! Tag me as @Silverdolphin if you need any help



Also I’m sry if I reply late I have an iPhone four and it is soooooooooooo glitchy Arghhh


Thank u silver dolphin I will follow you on hopscotch later thanks


Welcome @ItzJAZZY_HS!


Welcome, @ItzJAZZY_HS.

It looks like @FearlessPhoenix has got you for the moment. But I’d also like to drop by to notify you of something.

Hopscotch has a bug right now, so lots of projects will freeze, whitescreen, or load forever. I’ll take you to my fix. There will be a pointer in your notifications


Thank you :smiley:

You seem really nice, it’s awesome to meet you :upside_down_face:


Also why is my user gray and ur s is dark gray


As you are new to the forum, you don’t have a trust level yet. When you hit the first trust level, aka basic, yours will also go dark grey.

If you wanna know more about them, click the link below

I hope this helps :blush:

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Like silvery said, it’s cuz you’re new.
Once you reach basic or above, yours will be dark too


I have a really weird yet simple way to make pixel art. It involves the red “Move Forward” and “Change Y By” variables.

It’s not weird, it used to be super common.
But it’s super super slow and not very smooth (no fence gwe)

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Yee, but you gotta start somewhere lol

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Hey welcome! Fea has a great method that’s super fast and easy to use!

Petrichor is a he and he uses this thing that converts an image to a very realistic pixel art. It takes a long time to do, you have to leave your device alone for 8 hours a day for 14 days and it automatically makes it I think.