Hi people! I'm SunnyThoughts!


Welcome to the forum @SunnyThoughts ! If you ever need help tag me by putting an @, then my username...like this: @CandyflossClouds and I will help you! :smile:


Btw @SunnyThoughts you have limited replies on your first day so use them carefully! I think you have a few left :wink:


Welcome, @SunnyThoughts! Lots of new people joining recently, that's awesome ! :smiley:


Ikr? Yayyyyyy! :smile:


Hi @SunnyThoughts! Welcome to the forum you will have a great time here! c: if you need me just do @Pink_Roses and I will get to you as soon as possible! c:


My fav food is pierogis
Do you wanna be besties?


Her replies probably maxed out, so wait until morning :slight_smile:


I know...
Everyone is only tagging me because of my obsession with Jacob. We have other things in common.


Read my last post here pls
Thx frenly chakin


Your HS username is SunnyThoughts123 right?


4 more hours right...?


you and @friendship2468 would be great friends you guys seem to like the same things


Welcome to the forum! Read the community guidelines, which can be found here: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/community-guidelines/16


WOAH!!!! This is so helpful, ( i'm new too, joined yesterday), but I have been doing hopscotch FOREVER!!! I'm 9 and it takes me forever to get popular on anything. Anyway, I don't get this thing at all, like you @SunnyThoughts!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: How long has the forum been? I am really surprised that everyone here is nice! I've been on other things like this, but this one is the best! Does any one know some one that likes the same things as me and can you help me get connected to them please?


Glad you found it helpful, and welcome to the forum! :tada:


I have been tagged four times now...
Eh hem....


Careful with the hem hem s, you may turn into Dolores :0000


Oops, we don't want that!
TBH she was worse than lord Voldemort


Yeah :wink: she was…

Back on topic


You just use an @ with someone's username.

If you can't decide about a category, put it in "Help with Code".