Hi! New to the forum!


Hai! I’m Minti! You may know me from HS as Minti~. I have joined the forum, and have lots of cool stuff to post! Make sure to join my art club, signups end on Friday!


Hhhhiii! How are you?
You can tag me @MK0825 whenever to chat or if you need help around the fourm!


Hello and welcome to the forum! Just type like this: @William04GamerA in a post/reply or in a topic if you ever need any help or just want to talk! That will send me a notification so that I can be able to help you. :slight_smile:


Hello, welcome! If you need help tag me like this @TheCMStudios


Hi (I’m kinda late) welcome to the forum you can tag me like this @FRENCH_WAVE123


hey welcome to the forum! hope we can become good friends! let me know if you need help by tagging me using the @ sign before my username or any other username!!


Hi! Welcome! I’m Wyn, maybe we can chat sometime :slight_smile:


Hello! Welcome to the forum! (I’m kinda late . . .) Hope you find this a good place! :smile: